SSEAA Coronavirus Statement

A word on Coronavirus

We are, globally, in a pickle.

Closer to home, sexological bodyworkers are in a vulnerable place right now. As close-contact workers, our work puts us at elevated risk of contracting the novel coronavirus, and now, as governments around the world (including in both Australia and New Zealand) institute emergency bans on close contact, bodywork is unavailable to us–both as practitioners and, I shudder to add, as clients. We do have opportunities to change how we work, to continue to deliver embodied sexual education to people (especially now as embodiment is so useful while we all self-isolate), but there’s no shame in feeling like this is all very difficult.

Paul Keating once said ‘this is the recession we had to have’. It didn’t go down too well at the time—but it would be even more pertinent now. What’s holding me up is the sense of shared solidarity and acceptance that our communities need us all to go through this period of shutdown; a pretty broad consensus that the science is accurate and the alternative to a broad temporary hibernation is too awful to contemplate.

This edition of the newsletter is given over to our response to the COVID-19 crisis. It’s extraordinarily difficult, right now, to stay up to date, with things changing so quickly, but below you’ll find our Association’s statement for members on the crisis, along with sources of additional information. The Association has also decided to fund training for members on working with clients online, so do check that out below and attend (virtually, obvs) if you can.

Government advice and restrictions around the world are changing daily. Do what you can to stay up to date with the changes, without burning out on overload—all to easy to do at a time like this.

I am in solidarity with you all, and hope that you and your close ones can stay healthy, resilient and open as we go through this thing, separately but together.

In Touch,

Ziggy (President, SSEAA)