Touch Without Agenda

Anthony Strange

Sexological Bodywork Practitioner

Have you ever wondered if there was more to sex?

Do you feel stuck in current masturbation or sexual habits?

Do you feel guilt around sex or your sexual fantasies?

Somatic Sexology is an embodied bodywork practice that has helped people all over the world develop a sex positive lifestyle. It incorporates elements of Tantra, Body Electric and Mindfulness to help discover new possibilities.

Sexological Bodywork is an amazing way to explore touch and pleasure, giving permission to  explore quality sexual experiences. It’s a safe sanctuary where people can release guilt and shame about their sexual practices and explore their erotic needs with no judgment or agenda.

My name is Anthony and I am a Sexological Bodyworker in Brisbane. I work in pleasure coaching, sexual empowerment, intimacy coaching and exploring conscious touch. I identify as a gay cis-male and I session with men, women, people of non binary gender and couples – with anyone who want’s to explore and develop a sex positive philosophy in their life.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you have.