Natasha Dee Therapies

Natasha Dee

Pleasure & intimacy coach, certified sexological bodyworker.

Natasha Dee is a certified sexological bodyworker with over four years experience as a sexuality educator and facilitating workshops in topics such as consent, communication, pleasure and sexuality.

Having studied neuroscience, physiology and anatomy at a university level, her calm and casual approach is a unique blend of professionalism, clinical knowledge, somatic approaches and bodywork. She believes, as our lives constantly change, so do our bodies, minds and relationships. With that can come changes in our pleasure, arousal and the ways we communicate & connect with others. Natasha Dee is a pleasure and intimacy coach for individuals and partners, to increase and allow re-connection, growth and development to yourself and to those around you.

Sessions with Natasha are for you, about you, by you, acting as your guide, and not your teacher.

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