Laura-Doe Harris

Laura-Doe is a pleasure and embodiment coach, award-winning somatic sex educator and comedian singer/songwriter. With over 30 years teaching experience she is passionate about using humour song and science to support people to connect more deeply with their bodies and to understand and cultivate their natural capacity for pleasure. 

Her particular interest in effective communication led to a career as an educator which has spanned two continents and both the academic and corporate worlds. In 2008 Laura-Doe founded The yOniversity, providing accurate, accessible and entertaining education about pleasure and arousal in those gifted with a vulva. As well as presenting her workshops internationally and online, she has developed a range of teaching resources to educate about vulva anatomy. She is currently the vice-president of the SSEAA.

Laura-Doe’s self-discovery programmes provide personal coaching tailored to your specific goals and desires. She works in person from her session rooms near Byron Bay and online worldwide via Zoom. Email her to book a no-obligation chat about how she can support your journey to sexual happiness. All genders welcome.

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