Laura-Doe Harris

Laura-Doe is a pleasure and embodiment coach, award-winning somatic sex educator and comedian singer/songwriter. With over 30 years teaching experience she is passionate about supporting people to connect more deeply with their bodies and to understand and to cultivate their natural capacity for pleasure. 

Her interest in effective communication led her to a career as an educator which has spanned two continents and both the academic and corporate worlds. She has studied with teachers of sexuality across many traditions and disciplines and has professional qualifications in Sexological Bodywork, Somatic Sex Education and Counselling. She has presented the workshops that make up the yOniversity curriculum in Australia, Bali and in the UK and offers individual tuition to men, women and couples both online and in person.

Laura-Doe wrote and performs a comic cabaret called 'Vaudeville of the Vulva'. This unique show artfully challenges societal taboos about the discussion of vulva owner’s genitalia. 


To assist in teaching about the vulva she has designed and produces the Vulvalicious Cushions, beautiful fabric art works that accurately represent the internal arousal structures of a vulva owner’s genital anatomy. 


Laura-Doe works in person from her session rooms near Byron Bay and online via Zoom or Skype

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