Sexpert specialising in somatic sex coaching, education and bodywork

Kai is the founder of Polysoma which is Australia’s first sexual wellness lounge located in Adelaide. He holds a Bachelor of Clinical Practice from Charles Sturt University with an extensive clinical and scholarly background in primary health care and research. He has undertaken specialist training in somatic sex coaching and bodywork. Kai has extensively authored many articles - and has been featured in Archer Magazine. He leads the #freeyourgenitals project which aims to use social art to decrease genital censorship throughout society and media. More recently he has developed and founded the Sexrobicsmovement a physical exercise and mindfulness program for sexual wellbeing.

Kai's work is broad. He offers a range of holistic sexual wellness modalities. He educates clients with sexual concerns so they can live sexually free and healthy. The sexual wellness lounge is a space where clients won’t feel judged about their concerns. People can explore their sexual health and well being in privacy and comfort knowing they are supported and accepted in every way.

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