Eve Glimma

Eve Glimma

Somatic Sex Educator & Relationship Counsellor

Eve Marie is a Certified Sex Educator, Sexological Bodyworker, Relationship Counsellor, Intimacy & Tantra Coach, Tantra Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist.

Eve has spent the past 17 years studying Tantric, Taoist, Shamanic & Conventional Sexuality and Relationship approaches. She offers a welcoming, non judgemental space of sensitive holding for her clients.

Eve combines a broad range of physical, emotional and psychological embodiment practices, that support her clients to connect to the most alive and authentic versions of themselves. Her Byron Bay Shire practice has been successfully operating for the past 12 years.

General Website: www.tantrabyronbay.com
Couple's Website: www.byronbaycouplesretreats.com
Men's Website: www.massagebyronbay.com